Under the Microscope: Episode 4 – NovoPath

In the fourth edition of “Under the Microscope” Claire Jones introduces us to “NovoPath” and explains the range of services on offer to support diagnostic development. Hi Claire. Can you introduce yourself and tell me your background, and current role? I’m the lab manager at Novopath and my background is as an advanced biomedical scientist.…

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What Test, Where and Why?

Diagnostic test developers need to consider many elements when designing a test and taking it to market.

Read more about a recent interactive workshop, led by the North East Innovation Lab (NEIL) and the NIHR Newcastle In Vitro Diagnostics Cooperative (MIC), which challenged participants to undertake the role of different stakeholders in the process, to learn the importance of strong evidence generation for diagnostic development…

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The Future of Diagnostics: Home and Away

A series of interactive breakout sessions held at the Diagnostics North East 2023 conference stimulated debate and open conversations, including the afternoon workshop session on “The Future of Diagnostics: Home and Away” – led by Dr Vicky McFarlane-Reid, and Prof Dawn Craig.

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